Monday, 9 February 2009

It's gonna rain

“I learned very early to question fate in silence. Especially on those long rainy days when it seemed to me that the whole universe had withdrawn into the depths of a swamp of misery. There, men seemed to have given up, abdicated, as if it was their destiny to go around in circles in the slimy mud of their impotence.”
Pierre Vallières, White Niggers of America [1968] (1971)

Seems appropriate for an afternoon sat in the computer centre staring out of the window at the rain, feeling like I certainly am going round 'in circles in the slimy mud of [my] impotence'.


it said...

Surely impotence is the last thing that produces slime. (Sorry).

Jamie said...

Keep in mind now that it doesn't rain as much in Quebec as in London, and snow reflects more light than rain.

Benjamin said...

Well I'm down here in Bognor, and it's been hacking down - thanks to an errant trip to Tesco Xpress I can vouch that I felt slimy, although whether that reflects impotence is a moot point