Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Freudful mistake

You leave the room for five minutes and miss another symposium on Alain Badiou... the papers from the Cardozo Law Review are here (scroll down to issue five). Obviously I haven't had time to read the papers, and I'm starting to have sympathy with Serres's point that he can't read anymore books because he has to have time to write his own. One thing I would note is that Badiou's paper 'The Three Negations' has been listed on the contents as 'The Three Negotiations' ha! look at the neutralisation of Badiou's message...

I'd also add that the introduction has some nice samples of Badiou's handwriting and Emily Apter's paper has some nice diagrams and pictures including the very amusing of a young Badiou (with flute! God this really is getting Freudian) from the back cover of his novel Almagestes.

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