Monday, 6 July 2009

The Parallax View

Further to my piece below, Nina Power has a new piece in the latest issue of Parallax on Ranciere / Feuerbach / and equality. Anyone want to post me the pdf of the issue please do, as we don't get it and I'm too cheap to pay for it... I'd also be interested to read the piece by Bram Ieven (a friend), and Ranciere's reply (does he get all Zizek on them? Probably not).
[Thanks to Michael and Bram for the PDFs - Ranciere does not 'do a Zizek', but instead writes about himself in the third person - he puts a lot of stress on the fact that he is not a philosopher / theorists and that his works are 'mere' interventions. I'm not sure that quite cuts it.]


it said...

I'd like a copy!

Oh, no, hang on...

Benjamin said...

Good to see journals keeping up there usual fast turn around for authors! (Probably) coming up on Friday if you are around

Anonymous said...

All 9 articles from Parallax 15.3 2009:
Parallax 15.3