Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Next year

This what I am currently scheduled to do next year, of course thanks to the cuts I could end up with a lot more time and far less money... I'm also trying to write a review of Blanchot's Political Writings, planning to write an essay on Debord's cinema, specifically In Girum, and working on the spaghetti western paper.


selim ka said...

Hi Benjamin, in case you missed it, here is a new interview with Cacciari in english

have a nice year!

selim ka said...

by the way I'm the owner of farkyaralari (scars of differance) blog that posted the scan of Cacciari and Tafuri.

(it seemed to me some out of blue coming with that comment) (I have to finish this spiralling explanation of an undemonstrable) tschüs

Benjamin said...

many thanks for this, hope you had a good new year!

Dan Wilkinson said...

Hi Benjamin,

I'm an architecture student in London desperate for a pdf, or even a traditional hard copy of your Badiou essay Monumental Construction.

Any idea which direction I need to be looking in if you don't have hold of any?



Benjamin said...

Dear Daniel,
email me at my work address - which is given here:
and I'll email you the pdf of the essay.

Benjamin said...

sorry Dan