Tuesday, 10 August 2010

And more accelerationism reading...

The relevant section of Anti-Oedipus is posted here (as a pdf), for another (very interesting) project (as well as lots of other goodies).

Courtesy of Alberto, links to The High-Speed Society, slightly dubious but perhaps interesting collection of readings on speed/acceleration.

Here is a slightly difficult to hear video with one of the editors:

And a review in French of his work by Anselm Jappe.

In terms of fiction China's Iron Council takes the revolution = train equation literally to explore the temporality of failed revolution (acceleration or brake (Benjamin). As Joshua Clover reminds us (pdf) Neuromancer is the book of the pre-crisis period (do people still read it?), of, of course, return to Gravity's Rainbow.


rasmus said...

Don't forget to listen excessively to Sunroof!'s track "Universal acceleration", from their album Cloudz.

Gabriel Idaho said...

I don't understand the Gravity's Rainbow reference. "Neuromancer is the book of the pre-crisis period, of, of course, return to Gravity's Rainbow." So the crisis is return to Gravity's Rainbow? Or is the pre-crisis period Gravity's Rainbow?

Benjamin said...

my bad syntax, Neuromancer (according to Clover) is the book of the pre-current financial crisis accelerationism. Then, you should also return to Gravity's Rainbow as the proto-critique/model of technological / warfare / Weberian rationalisation / accelerationism. Although GR may have somehting revelant to the current crisis - it's got pretty much everything in there