Sunday, 10 May 2009

People Power

At the RP event yesterday, which was disappointing for a number of reasons. IT will no doubt be doing the uneviable task of posting up a report (now up), for which we should all be eternally grateful (for reasons which attendees will be all too aware of). She has also kindly posted Alberto's paper from the SR event as well.
On a personal note just to say thanks to all those who have expressed an interest in reading the book and Dominic in particular for already supplying comments and proofing corrections (invaluable for those of you familiar with academic publishing). The book will be a hideously expensive hardback, never to go to paperback I would guess. Eventually I'll probably be begging people to put in library orders. But in relation to IT's points about availability for this and any other works of mine you may be interested in just contact me. I don't have the facility to put up papers, except on the blog (which is painful to do), plus to me it seems to be a bit vain in relation to my own work.
Also thanks to everyone for a lovely evening after RP, nice to meet so many nice people.

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