Friday, 19 November 2010

Political Vitalism

For some reason much of my current reading seems to be converging around problems of vitalism, so thanks to Federico for this link, which has much material (and much I can't read thanks to unforgiveable linguistic incompetence), including texts by Federico himself. I'm also hoping to make it to the Zagreb conference on vitalism next year ('To Have Done with Life'), which is looking more and more like a crucial event.

My paper for HM is currently being re-drafted, 'worsened' (a la Beckett), for the JCGS, if it doesn't get turned down. Caught in the 'grief' of completing the book (thanks to Michael Holroyd's excellent talk at our University for this formulation), but if I can only combine current interests (Kierkegaard, Lefebvre (on dialectics), Rousseau on political economy) then perhaps something will emerge from that, after writing a piece on 'Debord's Time-Image' and editing the communization collection.
Other, better, people on grading protest, on nothing changes but everything gets worse, on the British misery, hostile objects, Greece as crucible of protest, the Italian misery (pdf), and, courtesy of the Institute, Marcuse on student protest.


Miguel Cardoso said...


I can't find any cfp or any proper summary of that "To Have done with Life" Conference. How can I find out more about it?


Benjamin said...

I can't find much Miguel either, except I think someone at HM invited me and I'm waiting to hear... (I think the dates are in May, but beyond that...); I hope it takes place as I'm wanting to think/write on vitalism (ie against it)

Benjamin said...

this is all I have:
‘TO HAVE DONE WITH LIFE: Vitalism and Anti-vitalism in Contemporary Philosophy’, MaMa, Zagreb (17-19 June 2011)