Tuesday, 1 December 2009

We will bury you!

Owen already draws notice to what was a pretty frantic and manic HM this year. I have previously written a conference report but, for a range of reasons, this is not possible this time round. I would just say that (for once) I really enjoyed my own session, with Evan chanting down Babylon and Mark on capitalism as the 'Terminator with a human face'. The Q&A was great as well - the Infinite one pushing me to confess my concept of human nature, China on 2012 as the bukake of the Earth, and Knox and Evan debating the finer points of Mad Max 2 and 3 with, as Alberto put in, the same amount of intensity and attention usually devoted at HM to debating volumes 2 and 3 of Capital. I also hear that Fredric Jameson (!) could not get in because the session was so full...
Thanks to any one else who asked a question and had the patience to listen to my answers.


ECW said...

I'll make sure not to trim beard before next year so that I can properly chant down not just Babylon but Heaven. Why storm it when it is already falling?

(Mute adaptation of your piece looks great, btw.)

Benjamin said...

thanks Evan, to quote a drum and bass detourne of an old reggae track hopefully 'I and I shall witness the day that Babylon shall fall'. I'll send you the black metal piece when done - I'd appreciate the comments. Sorry for not making it up again - work!