Monday, 5 January 2009

1 out of 8

Reading Badiou's The Meaning of Sarkozy I see that, inadvertently, I have fulfilled one of his eight affirmative prescriptions - not to read the newspapers of the rich. Frankly I don't because the news in general depresses me. Anyone seeking leftist New Year's resolutions should consult said work (btw the other seven are a bit more difficult...). Shame also they changed the cover from the above to a more 'tasteful' / enigmatic black number.
The full list:
1. revive "'worker' as the generic name for all who can withdraw themselves, in an organized way, from the realized hegemony of financial capital and its servants.' (44)
2. Art as creation is superior to culture as consumption
3. Science is superior to technology
4. Love must be re-invented
5. Doctors should treat anyone who is sick
6. the politics of emancipation is superior to managerial necessity
7. Ignore the newspapers of the rich
8. there is only one world

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