Monday, 19 January 2009

Becoming-Swine / Swinish-Becomings (for IT)

Happy if they had all continued to know their indissoluble union, and their proper place! Happy if learning, not debauched by ambition, had been satisfied to continue the instructor, and not aspired to be the master! Along with its natural protectors and guardians, learning will be cast into the mire, and trodden down under the hoofs of a swinish multitude.
Edmund Burke, Reflections

‘When 5,000 workers marched through Sheffield to celebrate the victory of the French army at Valmy in November 1792, they carried an effigy of Burke riding on a pig.’
Ann Talbot, 'Citizen of the world'

‘At least one Burke was burned in effigy (at Dronfield hear Sheffield in early 1793) and hung twenty feet up on a scaffold after being paraded through town with a sign reading ‘Edmund Burke the Irish Pensioner. I hate the Swinish Multitude.’
Gregory Claeys, Thomas Paine Social and Political Thought, p.164


it said...

Political pigs on a turgid Monday - what more can be non-asked for? Sorry to have missed you at the weekend - blame Shulamith Firestone and the terrible deadlines her worked has somehow evoked, 40 years after she wrote her book.

Benjamin said...

sorry to have missed you to, although you did thereby miss my latest work problem - don't worry there will be another one along soon...
(did you get the postcard? A memento of a truly dull exhibition)