Sunday, 25 January 2009

Have they been reading Nihil Unbound?

[01] Tides of Self Destruction 06:53

[02] Nihilistic Purity 06:41

[03] Another Life Ready to End 05:44

[04] Deconstruction of the Will to Live 08:39

[05] Exit - The Pain of Existence 02:48

[06] Reflection of Opposites
I may very well have to buy this...
they also have a track called 'universal negativity' - cool


ECW said...

The funny thing? I own this album, as well as a couple of their others. Just picked up a split ep they did with Austere, featuring a classy song called "No Failure in Suicide."

I end up listening to a tremendous amount of what is sub-genre designated as "suicidal black metal." And contrary to the NSBM Northern nostalgic morons populating much of the European BM scene, one finds amongst the suicidal types both an elevated degree of humor (one band has the lovely tragicomic name Make a Change... Kill YOurself) and a tendency to dig deeper into some properly anti-humanist ethics (as opposed to someone who maybe read a Sorel for Dummies book and went and bought an axe).

Benjamin said...

is it any good? I heard a couple of tracks online and it was a little difficult to decide. SBM is next on my listening list, partly due to the amusing anti-humanism; I like the comment about 'Sorel for dummies and an axe', still at least they are reading...

ECW said...

oh, it's terrific. Twinkling post-BM jangle. I'll bring you a copy when I come to London at the end of March. Will you be around? Hoping to catch up, etc.