Wednesday, 18 June 2008

The Horror, The Horror

For those not sated by Collapse IV Reza has a very fair-minded review of the issue coupled to a revised version of the paper he was kind enough to provide for the booklet for one of the weird event days at Goldsmiths. In particular I find these comments are valuable:
"Ironically nothing has been more disastrous for thinking horror than the overabundance of vacuous cruelties or absurd maladies; for it is relatively easy to mimic a battlefield, a bodily decomposition in a text, image or music. If horror is already everywhere, or in other words, if horror has already been culminated, thinking horror can easily turn into a case study, counting its countless manifestations."
"There is something profoundly wrong and terrible with humans"
"The openness of humans toward horrors is inevitably an economical venture for mining that which is affordable."
I hope to post a short series on Lovecraft that was distributed for one of the weird events shorn of their Lacanian elements. They provide a little clearer context for my paper in Collapse IV and indicate a rather primitive attempt to coordinate the political with a naturalism of horror.

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