Saturday, 20 February 2010


I'm a fan of the Verso Revolutions series, especially when they have good introductions and bring things back into print that are inaccessible. I do, however, have a few suggestions for future editions:

Ghandi / introduced by Etienne Balibar (because of his work on Lenin and Ghandi)

The Situationists / introduced either by TJ Clark and Dan Nicholson-Smith or Anselm Jappe

The Wobblies / introduced by Thomas Pynchon

Malcolm X / introduced by Mike Davis

William Morris / introduced by Perry Anderson (circa Arguments in English Marxism)

Shulamith Firestone (The Dialectic of Sex) / introduced by Nina Power (and Firestone herself?)

Paul Lafargue 'The Right to be Lazy' / introduced by Owen Hatherley

Further suggestions for this rather odd parlour game...

Also, the Daniel Bensaid archive is available at the MIA; a tragedy that he would not be able to write for this series.


Anonymous said...

Yes, please, a reissue of Firestone with a Nina Power intro. That would be fantastic!

Benjamin said...

Nina has already got some stuff coming out on Firestone I believe, but an edition would be great

Anonymous said...

Yes, Nina and I once spoke of our common love for Dialectic of Sex, an incredible book written by a 25 yo Shulamith... I think Firestone is with us, in NYC, though not sure about much else. She published a book with Semiotexte in the late 90s, I think?